It doesn’t matter if you are just started your first networking course or already are a die-hard networker … our infrastructure spanning three physical locations is flexible enough to offer a challenging playground for anyone that wants to work with Routers, Internet Exchanges and and Transit connections without the requirement to host your own hardware! If you don’t have the resources like an ASN or IPv6 space, we can even sponsor your request at RIPE.

As an association the members have the voice and can collectively decide on what direction to go. The board will help to implement the requests made by the community as well advise on what changes/expansions might be the best way forward.

Want to join?

More information about joining the netShelter association can be found here

Virtual Machines for non-profits projects

Member have the option to request virtual machines and colocation (if available) for non-project projects or for private usage. Traffic included based on fair usage.

BGP enabled virtual routers

As a full member of netShelter you have the option to request (virtual) routers at any of our points-of-precense, including getting BGP peering sessions. You define your own network network and can build a testing LAB, a learning environment, host your research project or justing having fun with other networkers, its all possible.

Colocation (planned)

We are considering to provide colocation of hardware in 2021 depending on the members demand of this service. The goal is to provide the colocation at a cost-price for members that need a lot more than just a few VM’s. If you are interested in this service please let us know your use case so we can create a waiting list. If enough members have shown interested we can add this service.

MOSS-IX peering LAN

Members can also request access to the MOSS-IX peering LAN on the same location of there router(s) and start peering sessions with other members of the MOSS Internet Exchange.

Non-tunneled VLAN’s between POP’s

Connecting multiple virtual routers useally entails setting up IP/VXLAN/GRE tunnels, however using the netShelter core infrastructure its possible to setup a Layer2 vlan with a MTU of up to 8000 between each of our locations.