Are there and network traffic limitations?

Generally no, however fair usage applies and there are technical limitations such as uplinks for devices. In concept any device or resource should be able to archieve a 10gbit/s bandwidth. The AS41047 administrators will always try to balance traffic to all available connections and there is enough bandwidth for all our members. At the core we do not deploy rate limits on user resources, however can be applied on any resources if it cases problems for the network or other users.

Contribution and payment

Can i pay with Crypto currency, check or Paypal?

No, at this time we only accept euro wire-transfers by bank from EU countries. We are aware that this is a manual payment method, however the cheapest solution for the association. Member have the option to request additional payment methods if needed.


I have my own ASN or IP space, am i excluded from the abuse polices?

No, any ASN and/or IP space we sponsor or provide connectivity is subject to all the netShelter policy. If we receive complaints about your network you are required to take proper action, else the board will take action which could result in disconnection of your network from netShelter.