BGP Transit

Non-profit organisations and/or projects can receive free IPv4 and/or IPv6 connectivity and/or resources such as Virtual Machines to meet their own infrastructure requirements, without managing a the infrastructure on their own. Our networking and system administrators will take care of the infrastructure while you can focus on your organistation, event or project.

Please note that individuals that want free resources for personal learning purposes do not qualify as a non-profit organisation. In such cases you can become a member and pay the contributions involved with the used resources.

To qualify to receive free connectivity and resources they requister (called a member) must meet several requirements:

  • The requister must become a member, which by default entails a yearly contribution, however the board may grant a sponsored member status.
  • The member must have a verifyable non-profit status either with the country’s tax office or the chambre of commerce. In the case the member is not a legal entity the board will decide to accept the member as a non-profit. On receipt of the subscription request the board will verify the non-profit status and decide if the membership is approved.
  • The received resources may not be used to employ commercial activities.
  • The hosted environment/project must either exist in a proof-of-concept or existing envirnment to be migrated or expanded; or a project plan must be provided on the goals for the project.
  • The hosted environment/project must be considered something for the good for the internet such as open-source software, free to use applications, data/download mirrors, etc.
  • The resources cannot be reshared to other organisations. For BGP this means we will only upstream/downstream your own ASN and not your AS-SET and only if the whole ASN has the non-profit status.

To request this free BGP service, click on JOIN and start your membership request. Make sure you fill in you want free BGP transit service and a clarification of your non-profit status to speed up to process.