netShelter operates the AS41047 network from the AS41047-foundation and details can be found on the PeeringDB page.


Our network layout will provide a nice overview of our network, which is live information from our monitoring system.

Current connectivity

Peering: Asteroid, Speed-IX, Net-IX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, NL-IX. KleyREX, MOSS-IX
Transit: MyLOC, LNK, Asympto, LWL,Ghostnet, A2B

BGP Communities

Transit communities
41047:4001Routes learned from upstream HE.NET
41047:4002Routes learned from upstream A2B
41047:4003Routes learned from upstream MyLOC
41047:4004Routes learned from upstream LNK
41047:4005Routes learned from upstream GHOSTnet
41047:4006Routes learned from upstream LWL
41047:4007Routes learned from upstream Asympto
41047:4008Routes learned from MOSS-IX Transit Service
Peering communities
41047:5001Routes learned from IXP AMS-IX / NL-IX
41047:5002Routes learned from IXP DE-CIX
41047:5003Routes learned from IXP LS-IX
41047:5004Routes learned from IXP Speed-IX
41047:5005Routes learned from IXP Asteroid-IX
41047:5006Routes learned from IXP MOSS-IX
41047:5007Routes learned from IXP KleyREX
41047:5008Routes learned from IXP Net-IX
41047:5009Routes learned from IXP Frys-IX
Action communities
41047:6001Don’t export prefix to upstream HE.NET
41047:6002Don’t export prefix to upstream A2B
41047:6003Don’t export prefix to upstream MyLOC
41047:6004Don’t export prefix to upstream LNK
41047:6005Don’t export prefix to upstream GHOSTnet
41047:6006Don’t export prefix to upstream LWL
41047:6007Don’t export prefix to upstream ASYMPTO
41047:6008Don’t export prefix to MOSS-IX Transit Service
41047:7001Don’t export prefix to IXP AMS-IX / NL-IX
41047:7002Don’t export prefix to IXP DE-CIX
41047:7003Don’t export prefix to IXP LS-IX
41047:7004Don’t export prefix to IXP Speed-IX
41047:7005Don’t export prefix to IXP Asteroid-IX
41047:7006Don’t export prefix to IXP MOSS-IX
41047:7007Don’t export prefix to IXP KleyREX
41047:7008Don’t export prefix to IXP Net-IX
41047:7009Don’t export prefix to IXP Frys-IX